Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 4 of the Wild rose cleanse

Moroccan breakfast, originally uploaded by veggy.

A lot of people ask my why I am doing a cleanse. I noticed most of my friends that do cleanses used it as a quick diet technique (which we all know doesn't work). I have spent the last year living in Europe, and six months of that time the only breakfast option available was white bread and butter, or in some countries a crepe or croissant. When I returned back to the UK addicted to white bread, my stomach was bloated and I was exhausted. I told myself when I got home to Vancouver I would do a cleanse to remove these sugars and whatever else I have been carrying around from my diet. So there you go. Of course losing some weight would be great but the feeling of removing toxins from my body/gut is the ideal goal.
Breakfast today was a smoothie of spinach, pear, and strawberries. Lunch I met my step dad at Whole foods and ate a few items from the buffet including a nice lentil sweet potato stew, kale, and some tofu.
I had a coffee with almond milk, after a day off from it I realize that I can take it or leave it, but still cave when I am in a cafe.
I snacked on guacamole and corn chips.
And after much research and desperation I bought some brown rice flour, purreed pumpkin, carob chips to make a loaf which I sort of ate for dinner. I was out till late and came home hungry and snacked on sweet peas and hummus before sleeping like a rock. 8 days to go!

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