Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 6-7 of the Wild rose cleanse

Good morning from Bowen Island!, originally uploaded by veggy.

Good morning from Bowen Island! I have been at my parents place for the last two nights which has left me hovering around their fridge. My mom keeps asking me what I am staring at. I am basically reading labels to see if I can eat anything.
I feel pretty done with this cleanse. I have run out of ideas, even though I have used up most of their container of Bragg. Bragg just might pull me through the next 5 days. My mom thinks that goat cheese, dried cranberries, and vinegar should be on the cleanse and that they are good for me.
I went for a nice walk yesterday to the golf course and back. My energy levels are feeling up, and I am pretty sure I have lost some weight, how could you not! I feel lighter overall and will try and keep up the discipline. I made chia pudding yesterday with almond milk, but it really doesn't taste that exciting without a bit of maple syrup. I am definitely trying to find something sweet to eat but strawberries are my only refuge, oh and popcorn.
5 days to go!

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