Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 6 of the Wild rose cleanse

Today I didn't wake up hungry but forced myself to eat oatmeal with strawberries, hemp seeds, and almond milk. I wanted to eat before I got to yoga class. Yoga was really nice, and gentle and a perfect start to the day. I came home famished though and ate a ton of popcorn while I baked a potato and boiled two eggs. While this was happening I had a conversation with my friend and how eggs are chicken abortions. This basically ruined my appetite for my eggs and I threw them out because I couldn't do it. This has happened to me before, and it's a fine line for me and eggs. It is easier if someone else prepares them usually, but when I start thinking about things to much I just can't eat it. This is partly why I don't eat meat (next to the environmental and love of all living things).
I ended up at my parents place this evening and snacked on more popcorn. My mom made a dinner of salmon and salad, which was really nice. I rarely eat fish but west coast salmon that my mom makes is pretty hard to say no too. Being at my parents has brought about my cravings for cheese since there fridge is stocked full of it. It is not been apart of my cravings at all. Todays cravings consisted of a big heavy breakfast. Weekends are a brunch fixture for me. I am officially half way done and am running out creativity. I finally got the Wild rose cleanse cookbook and learned that I should not been eating the loaf I made with the flour so I have donated it to my parents sadly. This week I am going to make a lentil loaf and a stew and hopefully make it till Friday!

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