Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wild rose cleanse done!

Well the last few days were pretty easy but I did end up cheating by drinking one small beer and had a tortilla, and both times my stomach hated me.
I celebrated today by eating a delicious gluten free muffin from my favorite new cafe called Cafe for Contemporary Art, and black chai tea. I thought I would feel more satisfied by choosing these options but they have actually lost there power of me.
The idea of eating something that is heavy and that would satisfy me, wasn't there. I just kind of feel heavy and malnourished. We'll see how long that lasts.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 9 of the Wild rose cleanse

Well I am definitely feeling more energetic. I started the day with steel cut oats and what I thought was to much cinnamon but it was actually much better.
I did cheat today knowingly though. I had a burrito, with a wheat tortilla. It made me feel like crap. My stomach got upset and bloated, I couldn't concentrate on what I was doing anymore either. Does this mean I have a wheat intolerance? That could explain months of eating white bread and having a bloated upset stomach. I guess it seems quite clear now but I was hoping that wasn't the case.
I enjoyed a coffee with almond milk. I drank tons of water. I feel really thirsty the last few days. I am loving green tea again for the first time in awhile, mainly because I rather drink black tea.
I came home and made veggies & tofu sauteed in coconut oil, cumin, almond butter, salt and chilis. Coconut milk was added at the end. Topped with Chia seeds. Served on a bed of bulgar. I would usually add a tablespoon of maple syrup and raisins to this but it seemed sweet even without it and I will skip that addition from now. Now that I think of it I didn't have any sugar cravings today, which might just be a miracle! 3 more days to go.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 6-7 of the Wild rose cleanse

Good morning from Bowen Island!, originally uploaded by veggy.

Good morning from Bowen Island! I have been at my parents place for the last two nights which has left me hovering around their fridge. My mom keeps asking me what I am staring at. I am basically reading labels to see if I can eat anything.
I feel pretty done with this cleanse. I have run out of ideas, even though I have used up most of their container of Bragg. Bragg just might pull me through the next 5 days. My mom thinks that goat cheese, dried cranberries, and vinegar should be on the cleanse and that they are good for me.
I went for a nice walk yesterday to the golf course and back. My energy levels are feeling up, and I am pretty sure I have lost some weight, how could you not! I feel lighter overall and will try and keep up the discipline. I made chia pudding yesterday with almond milk, but it really doesn't taste that exciting without a bit of maple syrup. I am definitely trying to find something sweet to eat but strawberries are my only refuge, oh and popcorn.
5 days to go!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 6 of the Wild rose cleanse

Today I didn't wake up hungry but forced myself to eat oatmeal with strawberries, hemp seeds, and almond milk. I wanted to eat before I got to yoga class. Yoga was really nice, and gentle and a perfect start to the day. I came home famished though and ate a ton of popcorn while I baked a potato and boiled two eggs. While this was happening I had a conversation with my friend and how eggs are chicken abortions. This basically ruined my appetite for my eggs and I threw them out because I couldn't do it. This has happened to me before, and it's a fine line for me and eggs. It is easier if someone else prepares them usually, but when I start thinking about things to much I just can't eat it. This is partly why I don't eat meat (next to the environmental and love of all living things).
I ended up at my parents place this evening and snacked on more popcorn. My mom made a dinner of salmon and salad, which was really nice. I rarely eat fish but west coast salmon that my mom makes is pretty hard to say no too. Being at my parents has brought about my cravings for cheese since there fridge is stocked full of it. It is not been apart of my cravings at all. Todays cravings consisted of a big heavy breakfast. Weekends are a brunch fixture for me. I am officially half way done and am running out creativity. I finally got the Wild rose cleanse cookbook and learned that I should not been eating the loaf I made with the flour so I have donated it to my parents sadly. This week I am going to make a lentil loaf and a stew and hopefully make it till Friday!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 5 of the Wild rose cleanse

Quinoa pasta with avocado sauce, originally uploaded by veggy.

Today I am feeling much better in terms of cravings. Maybe because I hate a whole bag of strawberries!
Breakfast I had some my leftover pumpkin loaf, I snacked on an apple with almond butter. I went out for Soup of black bean and vegetables and had to say no to sour cream and bread that came with it. The strawberries have been amazing but they cost me $8! and they aren't even organic. I know I live in a northern climate where these fruits don't grow. Dinner I cooked up some Quinoa pasta I found in the Whole foods bulk section. I made a avocado sauce with garlic, onion, half a tomato, and olive oil. It hit the spot. Feeling pretty content. It has been raining non stop here and I haven't felt motivated to get soaked outside for a walk sadly. I am feeling pretty normal today. It is the weekend though and it is tough to even consider going out. I am missing my black teas a bit. One week to go!

Day 4 of the Wild rose cleanse

Moroccan breakfast, originally uploaded by veggy.

A lot of people ask my why I am doing a cleanse. I noticed most of my friends that do cleanses used it as a quick diet technique (which we all know doesn't work). I have spent the last year living in Europe, and six months of that time the only breakfast option available was white bread and butter, or in some countries a crepe or croissant. When I returned back to the UK addicted to white bread, my stomach was bloated and I was exhausted. I told myself when I got home to Vancouver I would do a cleanse to remove these sugars and whatever else I have been carrying around from my diet. So there you go. Of course losing some weight would be great but the feeling of removing toxins from my body/gut is the ideal goal.
Breakfast today was a smoothie of spinach, pear, and strawberries. Lunch I met my step dad at Whole foods and ate a few items from the buffet including a nice lentil sweet potato stew, kale, and some tofu.
I had a coffee with almond milk, after a day off from it I realize that I can take it or leave it, but still cave when I am in a cafe.
I snacked on guacamole and corn chips.
And after much research and desperation I bought some brown rice flour, purreed pumpkin, carob chips to make a loaf which I sort of ate for dinner. I was out till late and came home hungry and snacked on sweet peas and hummus before sleeping like a rock. 8 days to go!