Saturday, April 16, 2011

Meditation and Menstrual Cramps

Fotohikari - Ethereal #2 Dao, originally uploaded by Cwithe.

I just returned from my second summit into Vipassanna land. I decided to serve the course and ended up working in the kitchen, make fabulous food full of metta for 50 meditators, two of which were my parents. I have decided to join and sit in a local group on Vancouver to keep up my practice, but i had an added challenge on my last sit.

The joy of being a women and having my uterus contract as it removes it's lining isn't something that i would consider fun. But i have done an amazing job of being present and watching the sensations in my body as they arise and then watching them fade away. Like waves on the ocean during a storm, the storm passes. It actually has been a great tool, and who knew! To remain equanimous and not react and curl up in a ball. To not be vocal and add attachments to verbal negativities was the hardest. How does complaining about it, make it better? It doesn't! I know this isn't something that half of you can relate to, but this month it's become a tool. Peace and Metta to you.

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  1. Just googled meditation and period pain and this is what came up. Glad to see that it can be alchemized -thanks for sharing your experience. Is there anything particularly you did when the pain got terribly uncomfortable?