Sunday, March 20, 2011

The moon

moon, atcama desert, originally uploaded by veggy.

This week i blamed everything on the Super moon, which happens twice a year. During the full moon on March 19th 2011 the moon was only 221,565 miles (356,575 kilometres) away. The closest it’s been in almost 20 years. It appeared 14 percent bigger and 30% brighter than usual. I have been intensely irritated till the moon decided to rise in the sky this evening. I am finally feeling ok. The moon pulls our tides, sync's our menstrual periods (if your not using contraception), among many other things. I feel very effected by it, among many other things, because it is constantly syncing my body every month. One of the biggest earthquakes in Japan is also correlated with it, and same with Christ Church and Haiti are all associated with full moons. Nature will always win no matter how hard we try. In sadness and loss, comes rebirth and gratitude. We have the choice to live now, and change those things that naturally don't serve us. Talks and actual leaks of radiation created by Uranium dug up in our own back yard in Canada is saddening. To be contributing to this as a Canadian is heart breaking. The fact that we are harnessing such a horribly toxic mode of energy seems archaic and ridiculous. We are so much more advanced then this yet business dictates idiocy and quick money making.. that's what they teach in the top schools around the world.

My irritation has been fuelled this week by ignorance and in hopes that one day everyone will live in the light and do what is best for our earth, and not for their pocketbook.

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