Friday, April 29, 2011

One day it will look like this

One day it will look like this, originally uploaded by veggy.

People used to think i was crazy when 12 years ago i announced that i was going to stop eatting meat. I got lots of questions and lot's of " I could never do that", and ultimately i thought i couldn' do it either. As the years have gone, and the public consciousness has shifted our awareness has grown. People don't think i am crazy anymore, people are realizing that knowing where there food comes from, and what they put into there bodies is as important as many other issues facing us.
As humans in a North American culture of a 'gotta have it" attitude our livilhood stems from so many sources. Having grown up playing in the wooded area of West Coast of Vancouver Canada, i have known my whole life that everything is ultimately connected. Going on road trips through some of the old growth forrests only to be heart broken and bewildered even as a child to pass by the huge clear cuts. Even as a child i felt violated. From the forrests come the circulation of all life: carbon, nitrogen, water, hydrogen, and on and on. The layers of life, and light are unending and mystifying. Yet even with this deep understanding, we flip through newspapers, sit in our beautiful homes, and eat sushi with chopsticks not even aware of this connection. Ideally the more we are aware, the more we interact with this nature and appreciate it for what it is and what it gives us, the better we can just leave it as it is. One of the main reasons the city i live in get's voted the most beautiful or the best city to live in the world is because of the amount of green space and forest, yet it get's little credit or honor. People are quick to clear out areas where trees grow or get in the way. The city takes another victim, and in the far away places that most of don't see, they take victims constantly with hopes we don't notice. Well we notice, and want that to change.

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