Thursday, April 21, 2011

Every day is Earth Day

sigh, originally uploaded by veggy.

There was a time when i would wake up way to early and breath in the fresh (usually a bit to cold!) air, load up the plane, and cross the mountains. What an amazing life i have led! To encapture the feeling of flight through man made ways. If only there wa sa way to do it and not harm the enviroment. Tomorrow is earth day, which is kind of weird thing to celebrate because i consider everyday earth day. Earth has always been one of best friends, even though i do still harm her everday. My horse and buggy is on order, and my days of travelling to far of lands are numbered but that's ok. The choices we make are changing, because inherintantly we know now that every little bit counts.
Do you know your toilet paper rolls can be recycled? So often i see them in the garbage, it's paper, so recycle it!

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