Sunday, May 22, 2011

The population dilemma

Mother_trailer from Tiroir A Films on Vimeo.

I had just finished reading American novelist Jonathan Franzen 's newer book "Freedom", and then interestingly i came upon this documentary that deals with population growth as environmental and educational issue, which is something that the book's main character tries to champion passionately, yet not so successfully. The correlation between education and how many children we have hopefully decide to have is something that is easily proven through out the world. The connection between more people and the destruction of the earth by needing more 'things', is also something we can see very plainly. It will be interesting to see if this issue will become an environmental, or even a government platform in the next decade.
It is in our nature to procreate, but it is also in our nature to take care of our children and not destroy our mother earth. The balance of all life is key. How is this sensitive issue going to be addressed?

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