Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Venice, originally uploaded by veggy.

"Sat" is sanksrit means "reality" or "what is." Satya is the moral guidepost of truth, honesty, and the power of the word.
I have found i am being challenged constantly by the power of people's words. The truth which equals loves, and the compassion i am trying to have for people who don't speak the truth.
I cannot help but forgive people that feel the need to create this misery in their lives and attempt to do the same in mine. But what is the truth?
I am guided by the law of nature. Every untruthful action will have an equal reaction. And in that sense i feel compassion for my friends who are wrongly guided because they are already paying the ultimate price. I have paid those prices as well so i cannot judge anyone. We all learn, and we are all on our own path.
May you all experience your own path of Satya.

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