Saturday, March 12, 2011


Public Market, originally uploaded by veggy.

My west coast neighbour happens to be an American. The funny thing about the west coast of North America is that we are breed of our own. We have more similarities then differences. Sharing the Pacific Ocean, and the gorgeous eco systems of green and rain. Crossing the border you feel the difference immediately from cheaper gas, and the onslaught of fast food, and the never ending highways. Trying to find a quiet place in Seattle is very challenging. We tried to grab a 'french' baguette at the Public market (a nicer looking shopping mall for tourists) and some fresh organic jalepeno cheese, and finding a place to over look the water and not be assaulted by the noises was impossible. With planes on approach for Seatac flying over the city, sirens from another cop on a mission, and highways! highways! highways! Seattle is not an bicycle friendly city, but it's trying to be by adding lanes around the downtown core much to every car owners nightmare. As far as i am concerned it is much needed. There is ample bicycle parking and yet i have only seen one person on a bike. In this sense we are ahead of our neighbours in forward thinking. We know the oil is going to run dry, and as the age of Aquarian comes forth (2050) it wouldn't be crazy to say our assets of water will be needed as well.
A bigger population, massive commercialism inter wined with local businesses, and the craziest yoga studios i have ever seen but still with a west coast feel. People are as friendly as they want to be and carry on their ways just like us except with more fried chicken, and happy hours!

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