Friday, April 9, 2010

Parque Tayrona, Cabo

Parque Tayrona, Cabo, originally uploaded by Fred Fraces.

I made it the Tayrona national park and that is what I thought the
whole Caribean coast would be like. It was beautiful but a hard rough
one hour boat trip that has left me with an oddly patched painful sunburn. I should have planned better to stay the night in the camping style hammocks. Instead I hiked out through gorgeous jungle style trail which crossed a few rivers, farms, and some more beaches showcasing there massive rocks that litter the whole area. It made me think that the Lost City would be an awesome trek mainly for the amazing scenery but not much for the millions of ants that foreage there pathways and make incredibly huge pathways to effiecently do there work. It makes it easy when you look at ants to see how places like Egypt got built.
Today i venture onwards on a 4 hour busride to Cartagena, one of the oldest cities in Colombia.

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