Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beaches & Frutas

Tayrona L, originally uploaded by AlejoC.

The fresh fruit is entoxicating.. the beaches a little busy still with local Colombians on holiday. The heat is quenched by fans, ocean and cool drinks. I am getting my Open Water Padi scuba ticket at Poseidon Dive Center in Tanaga. Who needs to fly when you can breath under water? What an insane sensation. The most yogic thing i have ever done. You cant hold your breath or your lungs could explode. You can only breath and watch and move slowly. It exlierating yet scarry at the same time. I just ate my first fresh fish named Robalo, i have no idea what kind of fish it is but it was white and delicious. Now i am exhausted and need to study more but feel like staring at nothing in a hammock as the sun goes down.

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