Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bogota below

Bogota below, originally uploaded by NapaneeGal.

From coffee to cocaine.. its all true. My first impressions of Colombia are that of a country that is torn from guerrillas, to just enjoying life. A city surrounded by graffitti that is stunning and often delves into the deeper personas and strife of what has happened here over the years. The city now enjoys relative peace but still has people that are desperate and usually so dirty and filthy that you are able to avoid them because they are the ones that have knives and try and rob you. The violence remains outside of the city in the country side where there has been very recent bombings and murders. Colombia is not that inhabitable. Its humidity and heat drive people into the areas that are cooler like Bogota and to the beaches.
Like all latin countries Colombians enjoy there siestas, open there doors when they feel like, and will help a gringo if we are lost.
I have already eaten new things like guava paste with what i would call mozzerlla on top of it. Sweet and salty at the same time.. something i think is heavenly. I have had my exotic massive fruit salad which cost me a whopping $1. Meat is still the primary staple but every city has a vegetarian restaurant which is more vegan then anything. . and so good!!
I am heading overnight from San Gil after i do a quick paragliding trip over the mountains and river to Santa Marta. I am still torn between doing a trek to the Lost City in 34c heat or doing my PADI dive ticket in the warm ocean.
Rough isnt it¿

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