Monday, September 7, 2009

Wheel of Grace and Energy

Wheel of Grace and Energy, originally uploaded by yogi_johann.

I decided to take Mara's Power yoga class at Flow Yoga today. I had taken her class a couple years ago and loved it, even though the level 2 class at the time was a little beyond my level of experience.
I have been doing Bridge pose for over 6 months now and started venturing into wheel pose but could only get to the crown of my head. I thought i had to push through my arms to get into the wheel and thought i would never have the strength to push my body weight upwards but Mara today told us to push up through the legs and came and helped me. I realized it was almost all in my legs and i experienced one of the biggest heart openers i had probably ever experienced. It filled me with such joy.. i felt like crying.. and i didn't get a chance to thank Mara for it.
I realize now a good teacher is one that knows when you need a push or help in your practice.. and Mara is one of those teachers. Check out her classes or any of the others at YYOGA centres.

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