Saturday, September 5, 2009

Vancouver Film fest is coming...

Its one thing we can look forward to as summer fades away and our autumn season kicks in: the VANCOUVER INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL which runs from OCT. 1 - 16 (is this is a bit of a later start than norm?). On TUES, SEP. 8, a Sneak Preview Guide will be made available and then on SAT, SEP. 12 the complete program will be revealed. Our film fest, like our city cuisine, has super deep selection of Asian film (said to be one of the widest for fests aside Asia) and I completely agree with the festival website quote in that its really an “an unspoiled celebration of world cinema.” And as the site also states, “VIFF presents approximately 575 screenings of 350+ films from over 70 countries.”

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