Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 1 wild rose cleanse detox

Day 1 wild rose cleanse lunch, originally uploaded by veggy.

So I am finally doing it. It has only taken me about 10 years to actually convince myself that it may be a good idea to do this cleanse. I have always lacked the discipline but after spending the last 6 months in western Europe where the only thing I could eat for breakfast was white bread I figured it was time. The last week I have cut back on dairy, I didn't buy any cheese but was eating my daily yoghurt which I finished before I started this cleanse. I stocked up on veggies to snack on, hummus, almond butter, almonds, salads and the fruits that I am allowed to eat (berries, apples, and pears).
I took the drops and the the pills and didn't feel anything for a few hours but have felt like my head is being crushed all day. I had a breakfast smoothie of spinach, strawberries and apple this morning, lunch was a bake potato stuffed with garlic, salt and pepper, and I used hummus to dip it in. Snacked on sweet peas and sliced red peppers. I went out for a coffee and had almond milk with it.. that felt like a treat. I really wanted to have a muffin but fought the battle on that one (for now!). I crashed early though and had dinner at 5pm of brown rice, spinach, hazelnuts, avocado, cucumber, with light dressings and seasoning. I just had a plum for dessert. This feels pretty healthy. I have already had to turn down two invites to go for drinks, even though I rarely drink but that is ok. I did some hula hooping and yoga for fitness and I felt ok. 11 more days to go!

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