Sunday, November 6, 2011

From Germany with love

regensburg, originally uploaded by veggy. In 1135–1146 a bridge across the Danube, the Steinerne Brücke, was built. This stone bridge opened major international trade routes between Northern Europe and Venice, and this started Regensburg's golden age as a city of wealthy trading families. Regensburg became the cultural centre of southern Germany and was celebrated for its gold work and fabric.

I have arrived in the old city of Regensburg ,which is 100km from Munich, situated in Bavarian region of Germany. The Danube river runs through this city that has history that dates back to the stone age and in 90AD the Romans built a fort here. Now it is a world unesco hertiage sight and a stop for popular river cruises. Quiet and quaint is not understated, or maybe just in comparison to the chaotic and noisy Nepal.

There is no shortage of bavarian beer houses and snitzel. The bread and cake here is to die for, and very much evident on the waistlines of the locals.
Efficiency at its best, bike lanes, paths, trails, and highways create little traffic jams.
Half my family history resides here in this picturesque university town, a place that has more history then all of Canada!

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