Friday, September 16, 2011

Nepal vs. Buddha

As my eyes begin to cross from barely sleeping over the 21 hour journey to get to Kathmandu, i am forcing myself to stay awake to get onto this 12 hour time change as soon as possible. It's hard to begin when you come to a place like Kathmandu. It's a city with it's typical Asian smells, touting selling and guides, and packs of street dogs but there is something so obviously different about Nepal. Buddhism prevails with it's imagery, monasteries, and followers. Buddha was born in a town named Lumbini in Nepal near the Indian border, he didn't stay here but the energy of mindfulness has been left behind. One thing i don't understand are the rituals though. Buddha never believed in blind faith per say, yet there are so many rituals here. Today i should have good luck forever and never have bad teeth (that's a hindu blessing actually). Lighting candles, giving food to monkeys will bring you "more". Buddha would say that is foolish but this is what 'religion' becomes unfortunately over time. Buddha never wanted to be idealized, turned into a religion, gurufied or cast in gold thousands of times and be bent down too. So Nepal and it's beliefs aren't perfect, but what country is?
Ever since i did Vippassanna (mediation) i am not attracted to big cities, i see things and people a little to clearly.. so i am leaving Kathmandu after one whole day and taking the 7 hour bus ride to Pokhara, a lake town, closer to nature, but also the starting point for a few stunning treks in the Annapurna region of the Himalayas. It also seems like a place where i can get to know some locals.


  1. It will be great to read about your journey Vanessa, this sort of trip is on my list as well. Have an amazing adventure! xoxo

  2. Welcome to KTM Vanessa!

    Yes buddha did not say much in fact and he would probably prefer silence, but Nepal is not buddhist, despite some apparences. Buddha is one way to the absolute, but the sub-continent has produced many ways to the absolute and each has proved to work over time. So in Nepal they practice all the ways at once, it is called Tantra.

    What you see is never what you get because we are blind!

    Love&Light, Gaby

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  4. I'm so excited you are blogging, I love your eye! Enjoy your journey, I will be following!