Friday, November 12, 2010


I watched the sunset and the sunrise.. all from our ocean front home in Ucluelet. I am so lucky to have met such great friends that would want to share such a place with me. Within 3 minutes of arriving in Ucluelet, just off the highway, we had a baby boy deer jump in front of our car and have it bounce off and run a little way. It got maybe 10 metres and it tried to get up and it couldn't move. I knew it wasn't good, and i had no idea what to do. Seeing any being in pain is heart wrenching. Within a minute a lady stopped, swooped in and covered the deer with a thick blanket. She started talking to the deer, and caressing it. The deer was completely calm. I have never seen a deer that calm.. and i see a lot of them on Bowen Island. We called the RCMP, and attempted to call one of her friends who knew what to do. She was convinced the deer was going to be ok. The deer tried to get up one more time, and she asked me to hold it down. I did very lightly touch the deer, but i was not holding it down. If the deer could get up i wanted it to get up and go and be in nature, not around humans. As i had my hand on my deer, i felt the breathing which was very fast, stop. At that point she thought the deer was going to be ok, but i said he stopped breathing.. but then he gave his last couple of kicks, and passed on.
She said the deer was the crest of her family and that she would give it the proper burial. I was grateful that she was there even though i don't know if touching a deer like that is ok, but it seemed ok. The RCMP finally came (wearing jeans.. cool!), and assessed the deer but it was already dead. It would seem that he has experience in animals as i am sure this happpens often. It was nice to know if the deer had survived he could figure out if it had broken bones or lost movement. I don't know what they would do with the deer though.
They boy in the gas station said his uncle would skin it, but the deer whisperer lady said she wanted it, so the RCMP put it in her trunk.
The beauty of life and death. We all are born.. we are all going to die and that is the nature of life. Whether it's an accident in our fast moving world, or naturally at home in bed. Life goes on, as one breath comes in, and the next breath may be our last for now.

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