Friday, June 4, 2010

the lotus within yourself.

the lotus within yourself., originally uploaded by chris spira.

Well it's Friday and i finally got to one of William Blundefields classes at Flow Yoga in Vancouver. How have i missed your classes! Will infuses so much positive, grounded energy mixed in with a little boogie dance time for your asana.
Even though it's a hot class and your sweating your brains out, his break are filled with sentiments that i have re quoted for some time now like:

Breathe in LET
Breathe out GO

Do your Best Forget the Rest!

Yes, some people don't get his spirited yoga psychological classes based on letting go, but that's ok, not everyone is ready for it. Letting go of what society thinks, and what is constantly marketed to us, letting go of what we think or what we think other people think of us, and basically learning to love ourselves.

He asks us to set an intention in the class, and one thing i am working toward is Acceptance, and that is a message he reiterates in the class constantly. I do think his classes have helped me accept myself, and have led me to accept others that i would usually put walls up against.

I love more deeply, i smile more, and if i need a reminder (which i definitely did today, because i am not perfect and i fall back into old patterns), i return to my mat, and look for Will.

One nice touch at the end is that he usually sings. Today for the first time (since i have been going) he asked others to join in and i almost always get goosebumps.. and today my whole body was filled with joy, and gratitude.

Today someone cried and i can understand it, i feel like crying because being in the moment fills my heart. Will gave the girl a long hug, which slowly turned into a huge group sweaty yoga hug! So nice!

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” Dr. Seuss

Thank you.

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