Monday, March 1, 2010

The Show is over

I have never worked with such an amazing team of people. I just completed a 5 month contract with David Atkins Enterprises, the company directly responsible for creating and producing the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.
My pride and honor is masked with exhaustion and a neck kink from the permanent presence of a radio attached to my shoulder. Lack of days off and sleep, followed by no yoga, but one positive is the amount of walking i have been doing. My legs are aching but it's from walking a ton and i will continue my walking regime but on the seawall instead of BC Place Stadium.
The different teams i have come close to include the most amazing choreographers, and stage managers in the world. The people i feel most close to (other then casting) is the Londoners. Really that dry sense of humor is right up my ally.. and i never knew it. I will definitely be joining them for a pint in the UK, followed by some sunshine in Australia. I will go where the wind takes me, and the energy of a highly organized team of people that want to put on a superb, world class event arises. The adrenalin is contagious and infectious, and when i was on the field last night after our Hip Hoppers did there thing with 100's of athletes wearing there snazzy uniforms and holding there medals with pride.. i realized anything is really possible. We can do it all. We don't need to limit ourselves. If we have an idea and we communicate it, it may get heard (My idea for the 3 armed caldron with the 4th coming up as a spoof actually happened!!).
Tonight our wrap party includes none other then Inxs... it should be a wicked time, to add onto the pile of ones we have already had. Just in time for another hang over and another day off. We all quite as of midnight last night.. well we were laid off but we like to say we quite, and our boss thinks it's funny too, and that's another reason why i love(d) my job.

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