Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pie de foto

Pie de foto, originally uploaded by Sator Arepo.

There is something about pulling my flip flops out of the bottom of my closet and having them in my hallway that makes me so utterly excited. In a few days i embark on a trip down south. I am going to Colombia, in South America. I hope to spend most of my days sockless, in skirts, wandering around, and trying to remember my spanish words. I start in Bogota, the third highest city in the world which will do nothing for my predesposition to altitude sickness. That just means i only need to have one drink to feel alright. I head North towards Medellin, and then Cartagena, Santa Marta, and where ever else anyone recommends. It's a short trip, but very much needed. I return from Colombia via Miami where i am spending a few days with some dear friends. I have been down there a couple of times so instead of the usual stuff we are heading down to Key Largo for some more beach time and snorkelling. By then i should have a flip flop tan.

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