Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12:12:12 This is the time to elevate your consciousness

granada alhambra, originally uploaded by veggy.

The message of the Mayan Elders, Hopi, Tibetan, and many other indigenous cultures about consciousness is that one must find their own truth. We are all an active part of the change and we all have choices (free will).

Meditate, remember to take action, be clear with who you are and your relationship to our environment, listen and think with your heart, eat nourishing food, exercise (yoga, tai qi, qi qong), respect differences and strive for unity. Indigenous knowledge shares its simplicity that truth is found by sitting quiet in observation of the world while experiencing and being in the present moment with wisdom and insight. Respect and honor everything in nature equally and appreciate the delicate relationship with our environment. Just listen with your heart and you will know - this represents the transition into and the new era!

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