Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Camino de Santiago

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After 3 weeks on the road I am finally sitting at a computer. It does feel foreign and sort of wrong. It does draw away from the experience of walking every day 20 to 30 km from village to town to city but I thought it would be nice to update everyone. It has been a trip and a half. People of all ages and sizes, from all over the world and all sorts of motivation take to the Camino. Something that I didnt know existed till a couple years ago when my step father decided to do this walk himself for his 60th birthday. I began to read a couple books of peoples experience and I was enamored by this pilgrimage route that people have been walking for 1000s of years in the name of god that has now morphed into a walk for all people no matter whether they are religious or not. A day does not go by that doesnt have some sort of special event, for example walking the last 10km into Astorga I was dying for a lemonade, saying outloud to my new friend Sam, I would die for lemonade. A couple hours later we come upon this man named David from Barcelona who has been living in this run down shelter offering pilgrims all sorts of goodies, including LEMONADE, peanut butter, tahini, fruits, teas.. etc. He gave up everything and lives here year round very simply on donations and giving to the people that choose to walk items of food or a roof if needed for free if necessary. Fascinating and perfect.
I am constantly getting goose bumps, and teary eyed from moments of bliss, but this has been equaled by a day one when blister turned into 8, and then a stomach virus, and a head cold slowed me down. At that point in time I began to get home sick for the first time since I have been away. I think being sick and away from those that love and care for you is a tough go, but I survived and was well taken of by the most amazing, positive and loving people that I meet every day that will give you whatever you need when you need it. The say that the people you meet on the way are mirrors to yourself so I have been reflecting on this.. also on asking on what you need and miraculously having it show up. The landscapes, the colours, the sunrises, and sunsets, the dormotories, the snorers, and the surprising bad food a long the way is part of the adventure. It is truely a walking meditation and encompased in one of the safest places I feel like I have ever been. The locals greets you with Buen Camino all the time, and often stop you to feed you the fruits from there trees. I have eaten more food from the branches of trees then I have ever in my life. It is truely a beautiful journey. I just hope the weather sticks out as the rain makes things even the more challenging. I have a couple more weeks to go and thanks to you all for your kind words and thoughts. I think of you all constantly and miss you all dearly. xo


  1. That made me cry again. Siggggghhhhh. I will give you goosebumps if you come home....!

    1. its kelly by the way not a stranger wanting to give u goosebumps

    2. and your feet look pretty in the hammock. creepy kel again!!