Thursday, June 16, 2011

vancouver riot

vancouver riot 1, originally uploaded by veggy.

I intuitively didn't want to go downtown last night. I was tired of hockey, i was tired of uber aggressive people professing to be 'fans' of hockey yelling at me "Go Canucks Go" and honking horns like making obnoxious noise as if this was a way of communicating happiness. Most of the people downtown were not even watching the game, so they were definitely not fans even though they spent hundreds of dollars to dress up like fans (rampant consumerism links to lack of morals?).

There is something wrong with our young men and women from the suburbs. Products of unwanted procreation, lack of knowledge, education, respect, consciousness and morals. I am not a psychologist but i knew this was going to happen ever since i was downtown for a game 5 win. Never in my life had i been scared in my city until i was surrounded by a large pack of buffoons yelling there spontaneous angry canucks slogans. You can look at the faces and eyes of supposed humans and see that there is something missing. There is something missing in our society if this is what it creates. Apes running wild, mashing, grabbing, jumping, acting so much like our wild relatives of far off jungles. I am trying hard to be compassionate, trying hard to swallow the fact that we surely do live among animals who cannot be trusted when grouped together. The taming, medicating, and dumbing down of our society via media, by so many conveniences that we even can't make our own food anymore make it to easy to walk into someones beautiful back yard and trash it to pieces.

I got called a cunt, told i had nice titties, and given the finger among other things, all for being alone on the street last night trying to get to the Canada Line so i could get home. Listening to people brag and saying "Fuck Boston", like Boston did something wrong. These men do not even know what they are saying because if they did they wouldn't be saying it. I also saw a Mexican man saying "Riot!" over and over again. How dare he (and the thousands of others i heard chanting in a group from my friends apartment balcony).

Funnily i could pick any of these pick any of these upright walking monkeys out of crowd. I don't want these people in my city ever again. I want them to do a full year of community service. I want them to know this is not right.

Many thanks and gratitude to the VPD, fire, medics, and wonderful volunteers that had time to go clean up today. This is what our city is actually made up of, people that selflessly and willingly take time to clean up other people's horrifying destruction. Vancouverites i love you.

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  1. I think for all the grrr argh that this riot brings up in me, that other people feel the way i do about it is encouraging. like attracts like, and maybe this is the light in this darkness...