Friday, January 21, 2011

ruffled feathers

ruffled feathers, originally uploaded by veggy.

My goals for 2011:

*Get a great job by February
*Take a Photoshop and Architecture Photo Class in Feb
*Research and Find a local or international Yoga teacher training to attend by the end of the year (Nepal, Bali, Costa Rica, or India). Get a scholarship!
*Keep up the 30 min of cardio or 1 hour of walking 5 x a week
* Keep up the 5-7 of yoga a week
* Volunteer 1 day a week in the DTES
* Attend and Serve at a Vippassanna meditation retreat
*Visit my friends in Montreal & Boston
*Visit my sweet Grandma in Germany this year
*Be graceful
* Have a place to call home with a garden

*Sleep under the stars

* Do 2 wedding shoots this summer
*Start shooting photos for real estate
* Bike more

*2012 Goal:

*work in London for the Olympics

* Teach yoga to everyone. No matter the financial situation.

* Keep taking amazing photos

Compassion every day, all day, for you and me both :)

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