Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today i thought about what it would feel like not to have boobs. Breasts are really a weird thing. Mine are particularly large, and when i say that i am not trying to show off or anything. Most people say i am lucky, i just think there a pain in the ass. Having big boobs makes you look bigger in general, they never fit into tops unless they are bulging out, and give me shoulder pains from wearing bras.
It seems to be the case of the grass is always greener. The obsession with large or larger breasts is something i really don't get. I know as children it is the true source of nourishment and connection to our mother. Something that is so ingrained in us.. how could we not love breasts..they feed us! But as adults, as grown mature humans.. the idea of wanting bigger ones makes no sense to me.
In yoga i expanded my rib cage and breathed in and out and tried to feel what it would feel like to have 6 pounds on weights carried around on my chest at ALL times. It felt freeing. It felt light. It felt what it feels like when you carry around a back pack all day and then decide to take it off.
Breasts have a purpose. One purpose. Beyond feeding babies, i see they don't have a purpose.
Women who alter there bodies in whatever way, stuffing inflated plastic sacks violently into there chests to satisfy an image, an image that is the opposite of feminine and loving, is truly upsetting and sad.
We need to love what we got. Big or small!

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