Saturday, August 7, 2010

Escapist, paradise seeker

I have been overwhelmed by the need to escape the last few days. It's been 4 whole months of sitting still.. and i have barely been still. My summer has included camping, surfing, rafting, bon fire, beach volleyball, weddings, float plane rides, ferries, pole dancing, staying up all night, picnics, bike rides, bocce, music, illuminaries, whistler, oregon, seattle, folk fest, hikes, lakes, endless bbq's.. really i have not been sitting still. I have done almost everything i have wanted to do. This summer so far has been epic and continues to be epic. I do no regret, i seize, i live, i love, i enjoy.
My heart is pulling me towards Latin America. My urgency to learn Spanish and immerse myself in enveloping me. At the same time i am thinking maybe i need to sit still for a bit. Sit and observe rather then run and explore. Is one better then the other?

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