Friday, January 22, 2010

The Whip

The Whip, originally uploaded by JakeInVan.

I was pleasantly surprised when my friend recommended we go here for dinner. Only a few short blocks from my home and i always seem to forget it's there. First off i saw some great photos from an artist under the name of Block Photo. Printed directly on canvas in small accessible sizes and reasonable prices. Secondly i was greeted by a gorgeous waitress named Amber.. who managed very easily to keep both mine and my friends attention for the evening.
Thirdly Beer.. tasty, fresh, and lots of great unknown options.
And lastly Food. I felt like Fish so i caved and got the Fish and Chips which was delicious.. beer battered with home made tartar sauce with yummy golden french fries and a salad with dressing you want to keep licking off the plate.
So success! Am i going back? Hell Yeah.

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