Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Acai in the city

I discovered this place upon raves from my friend Kelly and upon returning from America where the Frozen Yoghurt ice cream craze has gone to new levels with Pink Berry and Red Mango. Vancouver has there version and i think it's even better then the American version called Qoola. There is only one location for now and it's on Denmen where the old Cupcakes used to be close to the beach. I was just checking there menu and they even have my favorite food that everyone eats in Brazil Acai with granola and bananas. When i was in Brazil i nearly died because of lack of nutrients in my diet because i didn't eat beef. I basically ate Acai the whole time, and most Brazilian eat this daily as a snack anyways. It is very refreshing and packed full of nutrients and perfect for a hot summer day like today!

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