Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Under the pier, originally uploaded by janusz l.

I just spent the afternoon in Whiterock. In my 30 years in this province, this was my second time there. It is truely a beautiful spot. Long beaches, massive trees, old beach houses (getting over taken by new jumbo homes), long streches of mom and pop cafes and restaurants. What i like about Whiterock, other then it's pure beauty is that it didn't have that attitude, it was incredibly down to earth and friendly. I ate lunch at Poultry in Motion. The owners knew my friends by name, and served me up a yummy breakfast burrito and fresh roasted potatoes. The owner tried to convince me to try her fresh raspberry muffins and the smell of them were incredibly intoxicating. I plan to go back to one to partake in bonfire and drink beer watching the glorious sun set over bay sometime over the summer.

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