Thursday, March 19, 2009

Charles Manson is still not free!

A new photo of Manson was released yesterday at the age of 74. He was convicted  for the conspiring to murder 7 people in 1969. I actually did a lot of readings and watched a few documentaries on Manson, and even though horrendous acts did come out of some words he proclaimed, i do not think he actually wanted to do harm. You can see when he talks he is actually highly intelligent, and i do think what he says scares the 'system' because people do listen.  He is a good example of how the American prison system breeds a whole way of life.. it's what he learned from his mother and ended spending the majority of his life in jail. As he points out in his Geraldo Riveria interview the 'system' needs people in jail so they can breed the fear and keep the fear going. What scares me is the 'system' and there ability to control what we see and in turn fear. Charles Manson does not scare me.


  1. Like I say, they should free him and let him tour with the Beach Boys.


  2. get er done manson